Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hoogvliegers Blessing day!

Despite the low temperatures during previous days, it was a really warm day. You could feel the warmth penetrating your clothes to your body making it feel like one of summer’s hottest days. But the warm, cozy feeling was not because of the sun, but rather, it was because there was magic going on at Lelystad Airport that 6 April. That was the wonderful day we were surrounded by the most beautiful and cute children in the country for a Hoogvliegers day.The event was organized by KLM and the company I work for Leaseweb.

Some of the children arrived at the event with their parents, while others came in big trucks! How cool was that? Some even arrived with a police escort! We succeeded in making the children happy by taking some of them on short flights, about 73 in total. Meanwhile, on the ground there was the funniest clown I ever met, who was was really good with the children. The police also put on a fascinating show with the K-9 units showing off their skills and abilities. They had every kind of police and firefighter vehicles open for children to sit inside and explore, including the trauma helicopter! For the children who didn’t fly on that day, their brothers and sisters joined them as well.

Also on show were old and special airplanes where you could go in and explore what was happening inside. The most amazing thing I saw, even more amazing than the whole air show and all the fancy stuff, was the incredible smiles on the kids’ faces. It seemed like they were the ones who were trying to make us happy! Seeing them playing and moving around happily brought incredible happiness to our hearts.

I also got to take a ride in LeaseWeb’s airplane with OCOM’s Innovation director, Laurens Rosenthal! (So basically my boss gave me a ride) I got to experience gravity force, and now I know how my clothes feel when they are inside the washing machine! This year, I signed up for the event so I could socialize with my coworkers and other people. Next year, I’ll do it for the kids.

My colleagues managed to take some shots that can be found on Flickr and on the organization site here.